Movie review “Silver Linings Playbook”


Silver Linings Playbook

The drama Silver Linings Playbook takes place in Philadelphia in the present.  The main characters are Pat and Tiffany.  Pat is a man in his 30’s who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder after he catches his wife with her boss in the shower.  Tiffany is a young and attractive woman who lost her husband in traffic accident.  Both are passing hard times to overcome their problems that changed their lives recently.

Pat is released from the psychiatric hospital and goes to live with his parents.  He has a restriction order to approach his wife.  One night he goes for dinner in a friend’s house.  The friend introduces his sister in law who recently lost her husband in an accident.  At the beginning Tiffany tries to seduce Pat, but Pat only has mind for his ex-wife and always is thinking about her and how to recover his life marriage and his previous life with her.  Since pat is bipolar he causes a lot of problems to his parents.  Pat has many rare behaviors and manias.  On the side Tiffany always tries to sleep with any man that she meets, but that change when she starts to know Pat.  Pat only wants the help of Tiffany at the beginning.  He wants Tiffany to send letters to his ex-wife.  Susan starts to practice for a dance contest, so she needs a partner to practice.  They make a deal to help each other.  The day of the competence Pat’s ex-wife is watching them dancing on the dance floor.  When they finish dancing Pat realizes that he feels something about Tiffany, but his ex-wife is there.  She is there to watch Pat dancing.  Now Pat has to make decision, to start a new relationship with Tiffany or go back with his wife.

In my opinion this is a fantastic movie.  The best movie I have seen this year so far.  Because is romantic and addresses psychological problems that normal people can suffer after a traumatic experience.  The message is to accept and be accepted with all the problems and defects that we have.  I recommend this movie to everybody.



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July 19, 2013 · 3:29 am

Presentation of the book “The End of Power”


The End of Power

Today I attended a presentation of the book The End of Power by Moises Naim.  The presentation of the book took place in the Inter-American Development Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.  I started writing as soon as the presentation finished trying to retain the impressions that I got.

The author started his talk mentioning that power today is easier to get, harder to use, and easier to lose.  Moises claims power has been changing because the society, the technology, the information has changed. Of course this is not something new, but he analyzed that the world has changed in the last decades in the way that the power has been impacted by that change.  The strong point of his book is something that he has called the 3M’s; More, Mobility and Mentality.  The 3Ms theory is the main idea of the book and is a result of his analysis, which is not based only on his opinion as much in the facts and statistic data that he collected during several years previous to writing this book.  Moises explained:

“More”:  in today’s world we have more of almost everything, more population, more technology, more information, even more countries; yes, we have almost 4 times more countries than 50 years ago.  For example, today’s world has more knowledge than 100 years ago.  Smartphones are now everywhere and people are able to spread out so many ideas as possible to their peers locally, regionally or worldwide.

“Mobility”: with the improvement of transportation it is easier to move to some point to another, planes, roads, trains, etc.  The average citizen of the world travels more than any other one in the past.  The exchange of people studying and working abroad opens possibilities and closes the gaps among the way of thinking.

“Mentality”: as people today are more exposed the social media, Facebook, Twitter and Google (just for mention few of them) so the ideas are no more secrets or something reserved for the privileged ones. It is open for everybody as never before in the human history.  Also the traditional communications are much better and more diverse than 50 years ago, CNN, Fox News, etc.  News channels 24/7 are available for almost everybody in the world and that has impacted the way people think and by consequence… the way in people behave.

The results of this 3M’s are facts like the North Africa revolutions, where the dictators lost power in a period of months after decades of dictatorship.  Or in the business world startups like Instagram is one of the most important websites to share pictures, and previously companies like Kodak were in the top of the photographic industry.  Kodak today is almost out of the business today.

His conclusion is that today is harder for a governor, company, church, university to keep the power under control because people demand democracy instead of autocracy.  The only aspect that the Moises did not mention is the economy. In today’s world the banks keep the power of the finances, they have the power to take off your home and leave you on the streets.  Perhaps this is a topic that he touches in the book, but in today’s presentation was not the case.

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July 18, 2013 · 4:12 am